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How To Use Your Whole Brain To Study Better

It's arguably the most popular theory of all time.The split brain theory states that the left hemisphere of your brain is logical, analytical and boring. It associates with vocal intelligence and gets you through life acceptably. Left hemisphere dominated people do well at school but possess restricted creativity.The right hemisphere

How To Conduct Top-Notch Research For Your Next Project Or Presentation

Making a presentation and submitting a class report is an important part of your curriculum, right?Apart from exams and class tests, this is how professors gauge your understanding of the subject. A good project presentation depends on two aspects - content and delivery.This post is not about how you can

What An Ancient Indian Ritual Taught Me About Long-Lasting Success

The Rig Veda, the oldest and most revered Hindu scripture, explains the ritual of yagna. The yajaman initiates this ritual, making offerings into the agni, the fire burning in the altar. Each time, he exclaims “Svaha” – this of me I offer – hoping to please his chosen deity, the devata. The

For Your Product To Succeed, You Must Give Control To Your User

Being at a user’s mercy is a product manager’s and marketer's worst nightmare come true. But it lays the foundation for long term success. Gurcharan Das joined Richardson Hindustan Ltd. as part of the marketing team for Vicks Vaporub. A month later, he was sent ‘up-country’ to understand the audience. Marketing could