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Dipayan Sinha

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The Whereabouts of the Next Big Innovation

We, as a group of human beings, always tend to believe that the best things are lying ahead of us. Whatever has happened was good, the present scenario is not that great, but the future is what will alleviate all our sufferings. With this line of thought, it is only

Preparation for Marketing Interviews

With the Final Placements season upon us now, interview preparations are in full swing. Candidates have either chosen the domains that they want to apply in or have kept an open mind and are taking everything into consideration. I had prepared for firms offering a role in Sales and Marketing

Case Competitions in Business Schools

Before joining a B-school, I had read somewhere (probably on this forum itself) that B-school competitions are tough to crack and people ought to respect those who do. Not fully understanding the nuances of the statement, it was last December that I got into a team of three and participated

There's No Time To Stop And Stare

Our world today is extremely fast-paced, competitive, and ambitious. We work hard – very hard – for money, for recognition, for appreciation, and even at times, for a better appraisal. That is all perfectly fine and that is how it should be too. We all study diligently, try to get