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Incoming Analyst at BlackRock

Incoming Analyst at BlackRock

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Score Required For 99+ %ile In NMAT - Analysing Past Trend

The NMAT Paper has a total of 108 questions. Here's a quick rundown of NMAT Paper Analysis and the types of questions that have been asked so far for the last round of test-takers. The standard NMAT exam format was used: three portions with no negative marking. The level of

How To Prepare For Your Final Placements? - Samarth Mehta, IIM Kozhikode'21

A question that I have been getting a lot of late is what I should be doing for the Finals process. A fair enough concern that people might be having with the Finals process round the corner and people a little more vigilante with regards to getting a good offer. From

CAT 2020 Score Vs. Percentile: Check Details Here

CAT 2021 is round the corner and everyone is now preparing in full swing as we are at the business end of the process with regards to the percentile + score prediction and how much effort is needed to secure admission in one of the top B-Schools in the country.

How To Prepare For GenMan Roles

There are some who are Jacks of a single trade and specialise in that and then there are some who are jack of many trades and masters of none. Well, these are individuals who are still not certain which domain do they want to get into and are open to