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Incoming Analyst at BlackRock

Incoming Analyst at BlackRock

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How To Prepare For A Product Management Profile In B-School

Product Management is slowly climbing up the ladder of being one of the sexiest and the most sort after jobs of the 21st century. People generally ask me, where do folks from MBB make exits into? Well, you have it, here is your answer to that boiling question. Now before

How To Prepare For A Consulting Profile In A B-School

One of the most used phrases in a B-School set-up that has everyone’s attention and eyes rolling is Consulting. Every second person entering into a B-School, if asked which their preferred domain is, the answer without a doubt would be that they want to get into Consulting irrespective of having

7 Things You Should Do Before Joining A B-School

Congratulations on making it to the B-School of your dreams. When they say that you are up for the two best years of your life, they genuinely mean that. To get you started with the B-School journey, I have listed down 7 key pointers that you could look at before