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All You Need To Know About Being A Product Manager Post-MBA

What is it like to be a product manager, you ask? I would imagine Ravan with his 10 heads, an equal number of arms, each of which are looking at different departments in a cohesive workspace. “A PM is the CEO of the product” - it sounds like a cool

B-School Comparison: IIM Nagpur Vs IIM Vishakapatnam

Known as the baby IIMs, IIM Nagpur and IIM Visakhapatnam are the 14th & 15th IIMs to be established in the country. They have both seen two batches of students graduate and get placed with top recruiters in the industry. They are growing to be a popular choice after the

Brands We Love - Kodak

It's cleaning-weekend today, and the entire house is upside down. You can hear the clanking of vessels in the kitchen and screams from the storeroom (my brother is on bug-duty). I'm almost done with all the cupboards; cleaning the mirrors, arranging the clothes and putting fresh newspapers on the shelves.

The Education System Is Faulty, But So Are We

Have you ever wondered if there was more to human evolution than just standing upright, cooking with fire and forming societies? Well, I have, and I strongly believe that with our dependence on technology and unidirectional education system, we have stunted it.From the very beginning, we tell students that art,