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Marketers Dislike the Likes on Facebook

Time to explore new faces of social media marketingDavid Muller, a successful businessman and creator of Veritasium expressed his disappointment over using Facebook as a marketing tool. According to Social Media Examiner’s report, less than 50% of the marketers believe that Facebook is not an effective platform to market their

IIM Ahmedabad - A Journey to Remember

Date: 9th January 2013All the CAT aspirants were glued to the computers screens. Everyone was frantically refreshing the webpage and inserting their roll numbers again and again. I was one of them. I appeared for the CAT in October 2012. Due to traffic overload, several servers were crashed. After 2/

What is common in Nobel Prize, TAG Heuer and Ralph Lauren?

 What is common in Nobel Prize, TAG Heuer and Ralph Lauren? Well! The names suggest that there is no correlation and they are poles apart. Think again. The common thread in the three is that they all are heritage brands.In a recently concluded Nobel Prize award ceremony, 2 Asians i.e.,

Brand Overextension: How far is too far?

It's Sunday. You are out on your monthly shopping trip to stock up on consumables. In the brief visit, you see Harley Davidson perfumes and baby clothes, Ponds toothpastes, Coca-Cola T-shirts, and Heinz detergents. You wonder if you are seeing things. Don't worry. Your eyesight is fine. What you are