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My Journey From IIM Lucknow To Puma - Shreya Sachdev

There are many obvious reasons why an engineer or BBA student will want to do an MBA. But why would a literature student from Lady Shri Ram College (DU) want to do an MBA? What are her reasons? What's her aim? Does she know where her career will take her?

Navigate Your Career In The Sea Of Uncertainty | Journey Of AVP of IDFC First Bank, SPJIMR Alum

Life is uncertain. So is the trajectory of your career. You might think that you are made for marketing, operations, finance, consulting and other management roles. But as you slowly start moving towards your placement or second or third job things start changing, your interests start changing. So, how do

Learning From Outside Classroom | Sr Procurement Manager, Condé Nast, SCMHRD Alum

Learning has no boundaries and it cannot be contained inside a classroom. Classroom learning in b-schools can help you in building hard skills but soft-skills (like communication, connection, etc) are something that you will learn outside - through sports tournaments,  b-school competitions, internships and more. At least that is what

From IT To Goldman Sachs - A CFA's Journey | Ankesh Kumar Pandey, VP - Asset Management

Getting into Goldman Sachs is a dream that every MBA student dreams. So, when a finance student from SCMHRD Pune with IT background makes it Goldman Sachs and becomes VP of Asset Management, it may seem like a very obvious progression. Well, it is not. There is a lot that