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Archetypal average guy - decent in everything; exceptional in nothing!!

Archetypal average guy - decent in everything; exceptional in nothing!!

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On Autowalla Who Earns 13 Lakhs A Year, His Life Choices And Some Small Talk

Following is the conversation I had with an Autowalla in Bangalore. Usually, I choose to stay numb and get lost in the company of my music player during such rides. But at this particular instant, I gave my earphones a miss and got into conversation mode.(The conversation was in Hindi

Unsure Of Your Career Path? Read This - Make The Most Of A Wrong Decision

We are defined by the choices that we make. Most of the times, these choices are made under a lot of uncertainty and hence there is no easy way of determining their outcome. Moreover, we are left in a catch-22 situation when we realise that the decision we made, wasn't

Getting Ahead Of The Curve: 10 Things To Do Before Joining A B-School

MBA, as a degree, comes with a lot of baggage. The exhaustive nature of the course notwithstanding, there is a lot of prep work which needs to be done before setting foot in the B-school. While a lot many of us land up with our undergraduate degrees by default (given

Opening The Pandora’s Box - Placement Process At B-Schools

The choice of which b-school to choose for that coveted management degree might perhaps be the most critical decision that we take in the early part of our lives. Keeping aside the significant implications it has on our work life, in the long run, the amount of investment that goes