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Shrey Parth, Engineer and story-teller

Shrey Parth, Engineer and story-teller

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The Best B-Schools Of The Country - Region Wise Categorisation

I have categorized the best B-Schools of India according to the regions, i.e North, South, East and West. This article enlists the most prestigious management institutes with details of the courses offered, their fees and placement details.It will definitely help you to decide which B-School is right for you.NORTH:Faculty of

IMI Delhi vs Great Lakes Chennai - Which One Should You Choose?

International Management Institute, New Delhi, known as IMI, New Delhi is a private business school. Established in the year 1981, it was India's first corporate sponsored business school.Great Lakes Institute of Management (also known as Great Lakes or GLIM) is a private business school in India. It was founded by

Think Like A Child!

As we grow up, our brain evolves, we understand a variety of things and our perspectives change. We look at the world with a different view as our responsibilities grow we change as a person. We get more serious in life and try to look at any problem from a