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Excel Tips and Tricks - How to Automatically Download Index Data from NSE - Part One

The real reason behind investment banking's insanely long hours is actually a dirty secret. Outwardly, most see it as a sort of machismo to be exuded by the banking community so that they can continue to enjoy their pre-eminent status over the rest of humanity. It is also seen as

Excel tips and tricks - Project Management: How to send an email automatically through Excel VBA

One of the most abused tools in corporate circles is also one of the most potent, if you know how to use it. I am talking about Microsoft Excel. That said, it is ridiculous to see investment banking jobs specify in their JD that the candidate must be proficient with

Why Brazil are my bet to win this World Cup – a Data Driven Argument

Why Brazil are my bet to win this World Cup.There's less than a month to go for the Football World Cup, and pundits and punters all over the world are busy with all kinds of analyses about the strengths and weaknesses (and perceived strengths in the case of England) of

Everything you wanted to know about Bitcoin - a brilliant technological breakthrough

On Bitcoin, most of the world will usually fall into one of two opposing camps. In one camp are the technologists who comprehend the true nature and the full potential of this innovation. These are believers who unfortunately refuse to acknowledge any weakness in the Bitcoin system. In the other