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'DILR Section Has Been The Game Changing Section Since 2015' - Siddharth Kella, 99.15%ile, IIM Udaipur

1.    How was your experience of CAT, since the pattern changed, the calculator was introduced?Overall experience was quite good since I was familiar with the pattern. The pattern had been same as that of CAT 2015 with three sections and 1 hour per section. The onscreen calculator was useful

How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For CAT With 95+ Percentile

Many will keep iterating that 'Engineer hai to quant acha hoga hi' and many such remarks when it comes to this section. However, it is true to a certain level but anybody can score better here as the syllabus is limited to X std. Now, you may think then why

From 52.86%ile To 99.32%ile In Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning - Tips To Ace DILR In CAT

As a matter of fact, DILR  is all about one's way of interpreting and representing the data in a form which gives more clear and accurate answers in a simple manner. Ideally, there are no modules or materials which can give proper justice to this section. DILR is solely based

From 75.91%ile To 99.15%ile In CAT 2016 - How I Did It

I will outline some guidelines regarding CAT which may be helpful to aspirants regarding mocks, resources, test-taking strategies, analysis etc.For Verbal - Focus more on reading diverse content and comprehend better. Read novels, newspapers, articles etc. Refer websites like,, for content. READING is the key to ace