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SJMSOM, IIT Bombay Official Placement Team

SJMSOM, IIT Bombay Official Placement Team

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SJMSOM - A Unique Place To Learn!

By being a part of IIT Bombay, where thousands of students from various streams are pursuing their Undergrad, Masters and Doctoral studies, one gets to rub shoulders with not only fellow B-School students and alumni but with the brightest minds in fields of engineering and sciences. The campus is located

Factors That Make SJMSOM Unique!

Following are the factors that make my campus unique:• It advocates a holistic approach to management than decision-making in silos• It offers unique courses with flexibility in the choice of electives.• Students are exposed to both quantitative and analytical approach to problem-solving.• Provides global exposure through various international student exchange

A Beautiful 550-Acre Campus - SJMSOM

My college Shailesh J Mehta School of Management is part of IIT Bombay campus. IIT Bombay has a beautiful 550 acre campus- lush green with rich flora and fauna right in the middle of crowded streets of Mumbai! The campus offers world- class facilities and stores inside the campus ensure

SJMSOM - The Most Exciting Place To Study And Grow!

Some of the most beautiful sights on my campus are the sunrise by Sameer hill and sunset beside Powai lake. The campus is rich not only in its diverse flora and fauna, but also with its vast pool of students (over 10,000 of them!) with diverse interests and passions. And