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Summers O' Summers Don't Be A Bummer - How To Bag Your Dream Summer Internship

Well, the time of the year is fast approaching for the first big assessment towards a prospective job from a lucrative MBA for most students in B-schools. For the uninitiated, this is the time of the year when a combination of Game of Thrones and Hunger Games is played-out live.

Gangs of Sheopur Rural Diaries - GMC at Mahindra

For many students in B school it is probably a dream to get placed in a good company that pays well (I am wary of generalizations so for my entrepreneurial friends of B schools please condone my audacity to paint everyone with the same colour), gives you exciting work, keeps

Are Leaders born in MBA Classes?

Well what inspired me to write this article was:  not long ago (rather two days back) in a fine class of my venerable professor of Advanced learning and development, a topic came up for discussion and the above mentioned theme was a question she asked all of us. The source

Another New Season Of MBA Preparation : Know more about the HR Functions

(Picture credits: Ms Prashanti kalyan)The new Season of MBA preparation approaches fast and now is the time when apart from CAT, aspirants look for what are the other backup options. Apart from the college the choice of field for MBA is another big dilemma accentuated further by the fact that