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Journey From Being A Nobody At B-School To Working At Google

Between a Placecommer and a DTT (First Ranker), and having a best friend who was a winner, there was me - a nobody. All’s well that ends well. Yes, my MBA did end well but that does not describe how my journey was. I entered into a B-school with big dreams

Lessons From PGP 1 | First Year Of MBA At SPJIMR Mumbai

After all the tough times, sleepless nights solving the multiple aptitude books and mocks, memorising and revising the vocabulary and formula, clearing CAT or XAT or the numerous other entrance exams and then clearing those nerve-wracking GDs and interview. Finally, you make it to the B-School of your dreams!Wow! Wasn’t

Managing Management - Managing The Mayhem

6500+ people. 3 days. And a team of 120 people to make it happen.Held from 10-12 January, OJAS XI came with many different monikers. The convenors called it the festival of their dreams. The organizers thought it was a roller-coaster ride – but also the biggest learning experience in their

A Story Of A Girl Who Had The Heart And Courage To Go Against Societal Norms - Talat Khanam - SPJIMR - Celebrating Womanhood

This is a story of a girl who had the heart & courage to go against the societal norms and her father who had the compassion to support her dreams. Let me take you through my journey. There is a place, Hesla, 45 kilometres away from Ranchi where I was