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Management Consultant at Independent Consultant

Management Consultant at Independent Consultant

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The Power Of Perception

In the corporate world, how you see things is often more important than what you see. And, what you perceive is sometimes more important that what it really is! Paradoxical as it may seem yet we are all products of our beliefs and perceptions. Leaders who believe that they have empathy and

5 Ways To Leverage The Power Of Possibility

One of the most powerful words in the English language is ‘possibility’.  Just thinking of this word itself can give rise to hope and create options out of literally nothing. Considering that there is never a situation in life when everything is lost and nothing is possible, exploring possibilities can give rise

It's Not About Power, It's About How You Use It

When you hold people’s destiny in your hands, it is easy to get carried away. The heady rush of power, the feeling of supremacy fuelled by the fact that sometimes your subordinates only tell you what they think you want to hear, can often lead you astray.Leadership is about developing people

To Be Or Not To Be - The H-1B Conundrum

In his inaugural speech the US President, Donald Trump made an ‘America First’ pledge where he promised that people would ‘Buy American-Hire American.’ True to his word he has set the wheels in motion for this to happen immediately on his election. The H-1B Reforms Bill is a significant step in this