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ViprawS - GDPI Experience , FMS

CAT  99.94   9/9/8GEM FRESHER NIT K1)Tell me about urself...He gave me certain points on which to talk like why mba and why fmsTold 2) You did a course on derivatives..Let me ask u a few questionsEuropean optionTold 3) American optionTold4) Payoff diagram of optionsTold5) Difference between futures and optionsTold6) Extempore topicBig

Himanshu Bareth - GDPI Experience , FMS

FMS Experiences 1.I was asked only questions that's bad right?  Extempore - importance of doing business which brings social change Tell me more about Snappy Santa. Why MBA? Iske baad they said things like  Wish you all the best for your future endeavors  Hope you do well in life Interview mein hi breakup

Zaphyr - GDPI Experience , FMS

P1: Zephyr, where are you joining us from? - Told Mumbai, which caused her to let out this exclaim followed by "we're in Delhi so not much different from you" guys there and laughed. Told her the whole nation's in a mess right now-P1: Okay, your extempore topic is Tesla - Spoke

Anushika Srivastava - GDPI Experience , FMS

FMS Interview 27.04.2021CAT 98.64- 99.63/91.72/94.75Acads- 89/93/60 Grad- BSc.14 months work experience. 1M, 1F (23 minutes) Extempore Topic- MeToo Movement (Started with the background of the movement and how it started in India, further connected it with the problems it has introduced for both men and women at workplace. Concluded with how it is