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Not Just Mallya: Are PSU Banks Sitting On $10 Billion Of Crony Loans

 The screws are tightening around Mr. Mallya finally with banks asking the Supreme Court to prevent Mr. Mallya from leaving the country. Mr. Mallya is just one example of a long list of other rich and powerful clients who appeared to have indulged in a borrowing binge and now are

Budget 2016's Shift To Rural India - The Election Perspective

The dramatic shift in the budget towards a rural focus was predicted by most analysts given the failure of monsoons two years in a row and the defeats in Bihar Assembly and Gujarat local elections. The current agitations for reservations in Gujarat, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh were also used to buttress

Imagining India In March 2019 - Subhash Chandra, A Political Consultants View

Imagining how India will look in March 2019, a month before the next election is an interesting exercise. This is important as most parties appear to be preparing for a 2019 which looks very similar to how it looks today. However, given the direction that the Modi Govt has taken