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A Thank You Note - 7 Things I Would Like To Thank InsideIIM For

Applying to be a part of student team 3.0 is probably one of the best decisions I have made.Read on to find out all that I am thankful for during my Student Team 3.0 journey from 28th March – 27Th December 2017.Writing has become a Habit which I will never

5 Things To Remember If You Have Scored Lesser Than What You Had Anticipated In Competitive Exams

The CAT is finally out of the bag. Some of you might be jumping with joy while some of you will be cursing all those online score predictors. To the latter bunch, this is for you guys.You just want to get into the sheets, order food in and stay there

Things You Can Do To Lift Your Mind Off The Anticipation Of Results

Waiting for something becomes a whole lot easier if we know how long we must wait. But if the wait is not determined with a deadline, it becomes mind-boggling! We end up spending sleepless nights, biting off nails and what not. But here is how you can keep yourselves occupied

How To Survive In A B-School If You Don't Know The Regional Language - Tips To Fight The Language Barrier

I am a South Indian with very less exposure to Hindi (I was forced to take Hindi as an elective during my 3rd year in Undergraduate (YES! :/) and am still clueless how I ended up with a C (I was expecting an F :P)). So, you can imagine my