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15 Reasons I Love XLRI Jamshedpur

1. XLRI is the best management school in India not located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore or Kolkata. Maybe Lucknow too. 50/50.2. People usually have to work too hard to get an elite college tag. An XLRI MBA is not as prestigious as a B.Tech from an old IIT, but we didn't

The Freedom To Choose Your Life After MBA

"Man is condemned to be free" - Jean-Paul SartreSartre says that for the same truth in life, each person assigns their own meaning to it. The past cannot cause the present - I am completely responsible for its meaning and my actions.MBA life ends once and for all in six weeks, and the

'Going Through Last 5-6 Months GK Compendium Can Help You In Attempting More Than 70% Questions From The Section' - Abhishek Singh, 99.7%ile In XAT 2015

Abhishek Singh is a Business Management student (batch 2015-17) from XLRI Jamshedpur. He obtained 99.70 percentile in XAT 2015. A 2014 mechanical engineering graduate from NIT Allahabad, he has 8 months of work experience with Reliance Industries in Jamnagar.His hobbies include reading comics and graphic designing. At XLRI, he is

'Reading And Keeping Up-To-Date With Current Events Forms An Essential Part Of XAT Prep' - Anusha Rahinwal - 99.42%ile In XAT 2016

Anusha Rahinwal is a computer science engineering graduate of 2016 batch itself. An eager participant in extra-curricular activities, she has held various positions of responsibilities throughout school and college. Some of her favourite pastimes include poetry writing. XAT performance - 99.42 percentile in XAT 2016 How was your experience with XAT?Taking the XAT exam and