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We are the team behind your favourite platform.

We are the team behind your favourite platform.

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The Dream Car That Failed To Scale | A Digital Marketing Case Study

Want to build a career in Digital Marketing? Do you check all the ad weeks and campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to see how they're doing? Do you fret over details like target audience, segmentation, etc? Does it irritate you when an ad campaign does not perform well? Are you

IIFT 2022 Entrance Exam To Be Conducted On December 18th, Registrations Open!

CAT day is fast approaching: but in all the hullaballoo, don’t forget that there is another exam lurking in wait for the Sunday right after CAT! The IIFT MBA (IB) Entrance Exam, conducted by the National Testing Authority (NTA) is your gateway to one of the most sought-after B-Schools in

Making The Best Of 2 Months To CAT 2022, Ft. FMS Delhi Students

With less than 2 months remaining for D-Day, aspirants look for some quick tips to brush up on their concepts and want to know strategies which can help bring their best game on D-Day. Today we have 3 students from FMS Delhi, all from diverse backgrounds, who will share what

IIM Bangalore Selection Criteria 2022: Graduation Marks Removed as Criterion

Amongst business schools, and even amongst the IIMs, IIM Bangalore is one of the most merit-focused in its selection process. With the IIM Bangalore's 2022 selection criteria released, it appears that that's changed. In 2022, IIM Bangalore will assign majority weight to CAT scores and not a candidate's overall profile, as