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Does Being From A Premier College Matter? - Brand Tag or Brand Essence

The employability of engineering graduates in India is a mere 18%, while MBAs fare worse at a dismal 10%. Although the nation is teeming with our professionally qualified youth, we fondly call our demographic dividend, quality professionals are still a rarity. This scarcity leads to them charging a premium, the

The Soul Window

Having faced the rapacious Corporates in the past 6 months, I return back to Campus revisiting the window of my College's Classroom - 'The Soul Window!' I look out of the window wearing some lewd glasses,The window directs my vision and the Glasses paint things blueAm I me or just a

Placement Interviews: Story Telling like a STAR

With the Summer Internship placements round the corner and the Final placement hysteria a few months away, B-Schools are buzzing with the ‘expectations and anxiety’. Having been a part of the process as a candidate last year and as a recruiter now, I am sharing some tips on placement interviews.While

Campus Champions to Corporate Duds

A manager, on being asked the difference between Graduates and B-Schoolers, quipped‘I don’t have to teach the Graduate Boys how to write an email’ Such is the state of Management education that most B-Schoolers (even from premier B-Schools) are not equipped with the hygiene factors to flourish in a corporate setup.