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10 Online Finance Courses You Can Pursue During The Lockdown

We are currently in a state of lockdown. So are other states, countries, etc. With the coronavirus influenced pandemic, schools and colleges seem to have shut their doors. As an MBA aspirant or student, you must be intimately familiar with the repercussions of this lockdown. Your b-school GD-WAT-PIs, summer internships

Article 370 And Article 35A - All You Need To Know

Preparing for WAT-GD-PI rounds, now that CAT results are out? Here’s what you can do to sharpen your prep. Learn about as many current affairs and world issues as you can. But it’s easy to say that. So, what if we say that there is a systematic way of preparing

How To Build A Shortlist Ready Resume | Placement Prep

When you’re an MBA student, placement season is never too far. And if you’re hoping to get into b-school soon, you bet that summer placements will knock on your doorstep in a jiffy. As they say, it’s never too late to prepare and be ready for these interviews, group discussions

How To Prep For GDs & PIs During Summer Placements | Summer Internship Prep

The most common methods used by companies when shortlisting candidates for summer internship interviews? GDs and/ or PIs. Do you know the science of cracking these interviews and discussions with ease? In this article, we tell you the strategies behind cracking GDs and PIs to bag that dream internship.Group Discussions