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Waitlisted, Will I Convert

The mounting tension of the results for the colleges, which one to choose, location, placement or faculty maddening to quite an extent.We have been trying to handle situations all our lives and as we grow up these situations not only become more complex but tougher to deal with. All of

Does India Need Net Neutrality

The cry of over two million eager, relentless and ever restless Indians to the overpowering might of TRAI and Telecom providers like Airtel is testament enough for change and proof that India in all its glory requires net neutrality now more than ever.To be fair, let’s look at the facts.

The Cycling Club Of IIM Kashipur - A Unique Initiative

The idea and how it took form.1. The Cycling club was founded in 2015 when I was in final year of PGP, a bit relaxed and had a better chance to choose the subjects which I wanted to study deeply and sincerely, a chance to explore my other dimensions of

4 a.m. - All Of This Happened In the Dead Of The Night, When All Should Be Asleep We Rise

There was a story I heard before joining IIM Kashipur, it goes like this.The Director of one of the IIMs was walking across campus at 2:30 am, he happened to cross the hostels and was shocked at what he saw. He was so shocked that he made five senior faculty