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Battle # 3: Marijuana should be legalised-Counterpunch to IIFT Delhi’s opening argument (For the motion) by MDI Gurgaon (Against the motion)

Quoting the first paragraph sent by our worthy opponents,6th of November 2012 , 10th December­­______________  legalize Marijuana respectively.I think intuitively our prediction of your opening line of the article was bang on, and our opening line serves as an apt counter punch to what you have written. I mean seriously

Battle #3 : Marijuana should be legalized - MDI Gurgaon - AGAINST

So, Lord Shiva had a love for it, and so should you? And now two U.S. states have legalised it and so should we? The human mind has an impeccable quality of contorting facts for convenience. Legalisation of marijuana, an incendiary topic for years now uses this excuse to its

A good manager sans numbers

MDI, Gurgaon, Team Name: Ruskin, Team Mate: Debayan Roy,Link to the article being refuted,*START*Prof. Maurizio Poli mentions in his interview that you can not be a good manager without being good at numbers. The article below encapsulates a different view point to it.The core meaning of the word manager means