A Autobiography Of Kashiim Taal, A Water Body Adjacent To IIM Kashipur


Autobiography of Kashiim taal

This piece of writing is a personified story of a small water body, named by students as “Kashiim-taal”, found adjacent to IIM Kashipur campus, about its cyclic nature of resurrection and how the IIM Kashipur family has developed a deeper connect with it.








I was born beside the IIM Kashipur campus, but I never knew of my parents. I recall being cramped up in a cloud with millions of others like me. All of us were unmapped to what were we supposed to do next and why were we there in the first place. The soft cushioning of the cloud attempted to comfort us while the lightening tried to frighten us. In spite of all, our perplexity compelled us to hold fast to one another.

The lightening finally struck the cloud of our residence and ripped us all apart from one another. I screamed my lungs out only to find my voice coalesce with millions of others around. The wind rushed past my cheeks as the gravity of the earth forced me towards itself. I closed my eyes tightly to submerge into the acceptance of the thing that was coming next. Thump, I fell on another one like me in a puddle, sprang up like a ping pong ball and landed on the ground beside. I took a deep breath and assumed that it was the end of the adventure, but only a few days later the scorching sun started bringing a question mark to my evidence.

But, the mighty Indra is keeping me alive by feeding me with rainy blessings every year. I was secluded. I was ignored. I would have wished that I better be dry and die but a few lads and girls gave me a reason to smile. I could not remember the exact date but it was a new voice that I could hear in the summer of 2017. The voice that I could only hear the echoes of was coming nearer and nearer. They were six to seven of them. New faces. Faces with smile and mischief that suddenly started talking about me. Yes! About me. It was on this day that I was reborn and named. From that day till today, I have heard talks of leadership, followership, team spirit, and several other loaded words that let me know what kind of learning are they getting inside the huge campus beside me. Sometimes, the funny classroom stories make ripples on my surface as I try hard not to laugh and disturb them with my presence.

Also, let me tell you something in private – stories of some affairs have revolved around me as a rendezvous spot. Hey! But no one should worry. Although not much, I am deep enough to keep all the secrets safe inside my stomach.


Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

I, personally, would be interested in Aditya Birla Capital for the profile of asset management as my interest drives me in the domain of finance. Looking at the growth of Aditya Birla Capital’s consolidated revenue by 94.9% YoY, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I have Aditya Birla Capital as among the first choices to work for.


The author of this piece holds a MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering  from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands and is currently an  Executive Member of The Finance Club, IIM Kashipur. He is also a  co-founder and author with two others of “The Triangle” – an independent  newsletter for the IIM Kashipur family.

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