Into The Brain Of An Introvert At IIFT

“How do you respond when you are exposed to your biggest phobia and you literally cannot afford to surrender?”

That is the question I used to face everyday before coming to IIFT.


Fasten your seatbelts! Because now you are entering into the brain of an introvert. So, you must be wondering how it all started? Well, it has been a long journey; long enough that I can’t recollect the details of it. But as I walk through the maze of my mind, I can recall that I have been a very reserved person since childhood. I used to get intimidated so easily by the mere thought of talking to people and it got worse and worse as I grew up. Being an introvert, the only escape I had was to study. And that played a major role in driving me to the Good Books of my teachers as well as my parents. In addition, to keep myself engaged, I developed a significant interest in the domain of art and crafts when I was in the second standard, which I am very passionate about now. Any event that demanded me of getting on a podium and speak or sing or do anything was kept at the maximum distance possible. But then, after graduation, came a day when I finally decided that I have to overcome my fear. And that’s how MBA came into my life.

It was the evening of 30th June 2018; I was sitting in the rightmost corner of the magnificent auditorium of IIFT, Delhi. And suddenly, I heard my name. That gave me chills. I looked up and saw that one of my seniors was shouting my name. During one of the earlier sessions we had with our seniors, I had mentioned about my stage fright. So, I knew what would happen next. I was summoned to the podium. I was standing there dumbstruck like I was in some another universe. They told me to take a deep breath and speak. I fumbled, stopped and panicked a lot of times. But they did not give up and encouraged me to speak till the last moment. They kept pushing the fear out of me. And I finally did it, I spoke. That feeling was one of the most beautiful I have ever had. My heart skipped many beats that day and I could not breathe for at least five minutes after it was done. I cried with joy and that day I knew what the best thing in IIFT is. It’s the people of IIFT. It’s the air of IIFT. Here, you don’t have to be scared. IIFT helps you transform your biggest fears into your greatest strengths and here, when I say IIFT, I want to call attention to every individual present here. I have met the most sincere, considerate, sympathetic and dedicated people in this campus and it is my fortune to be a part of this hierarchy.

Every FEAR hides a WISH


Which ABG Company would you want to work for?

Now, talking about ABGLP, I’d like to work in the Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd because as mentioned earlier I am an admirer of art and fashion is just another artform. I am very excited to explore the management in fashion industry.

IIFT Placement Commitee



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