Carry Your Childhood With You, You’d Never Get Old – IIFT

Dreams always used to fascinate and attract me, I was smothered by the schooling atmosphere where every student had to driven with a stick where he never had an objective of his own. I have always dreamt of a free, independent and an endearing experience of college life since my school days. ‘’ If you carry your childhood with you, you would never become older ’’ as rightly stated by Tom Stoppard, I had to brace myself for the upcoming days on joining IIFT and be equipped with the right amount of knowledge to compete against the best of intellectuals in the country. Just like all the other students had to answer, I too went the hard mile of answering of ‘’Why MBA?’’ and ‘’Why IIFT?’’ by convincing myself first before convincing the interviewers.

The flair and talents that I first encountered after entering IIFT were boundless. Students were from all walks of life were buzzing around me with much dynamism and potential. It was an enriching experience communicating with professionals that I would never get an opportunity to encounter my undergraduate and schooling career. I also admired our seniors who put their time and efforts at grooming ourselves with the pre-requisites so as to not face any hurdles in the upcoming expeditions. Hindi was always an alien language to me as I am from a place where it was an option to learn by choice. I still remember the first day in IIFT where it took me around 10 minutes to convince a shopkeeper that I actually want a shirt. But thankfully, with the help of my friends at IIFT, I never felt odd connecting to the place as they illuminated me whenever and wherever it was obligatory. The time that I have spent for the past two weeks has already made me feel IIFT as my second home and become proud to be IIFTian.


ABG Company:

I envision my passion to pursue my career in Madura Garments, a division of Aditya Birla group. It will nurture my opportunities having one of the fastest growth potentials among the branded apparel companies and being a premium player in lifestyle sector in India. The portfolio that the brand holds ranges for affordable and luxurious to provision for all the age groups, thus helping me in enhancing my product development skills and trends in upcoming strategies.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee