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CAT 2019 Exam Live Updates, Slot-Wise Analysis, And Expected Cut-Offs
- Your live blog for the next few days! Bookmark it now and stay updated with latest updates for CAT 2019 Exam.

What To Do When Your CAT Score Falls In Between 55-75%ile Bracket?
- Know what? Scoring less than the desirable percentile in CAT is not the end of the world. You have several options in front of you. In fact, in this article, we will explore these options and help you find a way towards your MBA dream. Read to know more.

What To Do If Your CAT Percentile Falls Between 75%ile - 85%ile
- Certainly not! If you have scored within the range of 75-90% tile, there are other good b-school options in front of you. Here is a compiled list of colleges that might give you a shortlist call.

What To Do If Your CAT Percentile Falls Between 85%ile - 95%ile
- So what is it going to be? MBA dream or a CAT retake? Not sure how to choose between the 2? Fret no more! This article will help you weigh your options and decide your next step. Read this to know more…

A Comprehensive Guide To Attempting CAT Again
- You have written the CAT test. You are not happy with your attempt. You are probably contemplating the fact that will even get your desired percentile? You can either give up on your dream to do an MBA and focus on your career or take the decision to take CAT again in 2020. Whatever your dilemma may be, this article will help you find the answers. Read to know more.

Securing the coveted 99th percentile in your entrance examinations is a battle half won. Your score, academic record and work experience (or sometimes, even the lack of it), suffice in fetching an interview call from almost all Crème de la crème business schools. Hereon, to make it to your dream Business School becomes a Herculean task and depends almost exclusively on your performance in the GD-PI-WAT rounds.

To help to out with the GDPI rounds, we have created an ultimate GDPI resource guide. From Interview Experiences to some concrete tips that can help you crack the MBA interviews, this guide is a one-stop solution for all your GDPI needs.

In the guide, we have prepared a list of the best of interview experiences of different Business Schools and tips, which will give you a fair idea of what may come your way. Let’s dive into the list -

Interview Mistakes To Avoid And Questions That You Can Expect
- Fine-tune your answers based on the questions mentioned and prepare thoroughly so as to not make the mistakes mentioned.

A Quick 2-3 Month Strategy For Cracking GD/WAT And PI Rounds
- With a few months in hand, go through this article to be in your best for the interviews.

Interview FAQs With Deepali Naair - "Tell Me About Yourself"
- How to go about the dreaded ‘Tell Me About Yourself?’ From where should you start? Should you mention everything mentioned in your form? Read on to know more.

How To Ace Behavioral Interviews - Tips From An XLRI Student
- While knowledge-based questions can be prepared and concepts can be brushed, behavioural questions are a different ball game altogether. Read this to know how to tackle such questions.

Tackling Trick Interview Questions - Niteen Bali From IIM Calcutta
- Are you ready to face the googlies and yorkers thrown your way by the panellists? Read this article to learn the art of tackling such questions.

Acing Your Next Interview - Tips By An IIM Bangalore Student
- Keep in mind the tips mentioned to ace your B-School interviews.

Dos And Don'ts For An MBA Interview
- While you should know what to do in an MBA interview, it’s even more important for you to know what not to do. Read this article to know more.

Typical Questions Asked In MBA Interviews
- Acquaint yourself with the kind of questions you may face and prepare accordingly.

Key Takeaways From IIM Interview Experiences
-Prepare for the interview rounds based on the key takeaways of students who have already cleared those interviews.

IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience And Preparation Tips By An IIM A Student
-Go through the actual interview experience at IIM-A and prepare accordingly

IIM Lucknow Interview Experience || CAT Percentile - 99.97%ile - Rishab Baid
-Read Rishab’s experience at HelL’s interview round.

The Best MBA Interview Experience Ever | XLRI Jamshedpur
-Expecting a call from XLRI’s BM/HRM? Go through this article.

How To Crack An IIM Interview - Srishti Wahie, IIM Indore PGP Participant
-Go through Shristi’s interview experience at IIM Indore and prepare yourself accordingly.

Interview Experience & Preparation Strategy | Rituparna Das, IIM Lucknow
-IIM Lucknow’s interviews are always different from others. Go through the interview experience and prepare yourself accordingly.

LIVE Webinar On GD-PI Prep With Aayushya Aggarwal, CAT 99.9 Percentiler | IIM Calcutta
-Watch this webinar and prepare thoroughly for the Joka interviews.

How To Get Into TISS Mumbai - Tips On Pre-Interview Test & PI Rounds For HRM&LR
-Watch the recorded webinar hosted by TISS students to prepare for the interview rounds!

How To Crack The MICA Interview? - Harsh Bhatt's Interview Experience
-Go through Harsh’s experience to get an understanding of how to clear the panel interview round of the School of Ideas?

If you want to go through more such stories to boost your preparation, please click here.

In case you need any other help with respect to your GDPI preparation, please mention in the comments section.

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With the CAT out of the bag, it’s time for you to ace the upcoming exams. Regardless of how CAT went, you can’t do anything about it. However, what you can do is give your best in IIFT, SNAP, XAT, MICAT or TISSNET. To help you formulate the perfect strategy, we have cherrypicked the best articles for you.

Here are the articles -

'The Most Important Part Of Preparation Is Time Management' - Parth, 99.98%ile In IIFT
- Give the required time to each section to take on this speed-based test

'Maximise The Score In Strong Areas, Clear Cut-Off In The Weak Areas' - Sagar Venkateshwar, 99.98%ile In IIFT
- Always play with your strengths, always!

'The RC Section Is Surprisingly Easier And Fact-Based In IIFT' - Pragyanshu Pandey, 99.98%ile In IIFT
- If you are worried about the lengthy RC passages, you need to read this

Cracking The GK Section Of The IIFT Entrance Exam
- If you think the GK section will come in the way of clearing the sectional cut-offs, then read this

8 Dos And Don’ts For The IIFT Exam
- Remember these IIFT manras and ace the IIFT

'I Solved The Question Paper In Rounds' - Sharmishtha, 99.98%ile In IIFT - IIFT Topper Series
- Solving one section at a time or solving questions based on rounds? Read this to get a clear picture and devise your own strategy.

How I Scored 99.08 Percentile In My 2nd XAT Attempt - Shreyansh Tyagi, XLRI Jamshedpur
- If you feel your chances of securing a decent percentile in XAT is not high, you need to read this.

Cracking The Mother Of All MBA Exams - How To Ace XAT VARC And Decision Making
-Read on to know how to tackle two of the trickiest sections of the most interesting management entrance exam in India!

'Avoiding Wrong Answers Is More Important Than Attempting The Magic Number Of Questions' - Priyamvadha M., 98.37%ile In XAT
-With penalty of incorrect attempts and not attempting questions, read this to form your own strategy.

'For Decision Making, Choose The Most Ethical Answers And Be Consistent Throughout' - Srijoni Nandy, XLRI Jamshedpur
- Read to understand how to go about the game-changing section of XAT!

On Acing The TISSNET
- Go through this to know how to crack TISSNET and get one step closer to studying at one of the best HR institutes in India!

How To Prepare General Knowledge For TISSNET
- Go through this article to be ready to take the GK section heads on.

On Cracking MICAT And Campus Life At MICA
- Go through this to get an understanding as to how to clear the first hurdle to make it to the Mecca of Marketing

How I Prepared For SNAP - SNAP 2018 Preparation Tips
- Read to get tips on cracking SNAP

Recipe For A Perfect SNAP!
- SIBM Pune alumn writes on how to prepare for SNAP.

'The Best Strategy Is To Align Your Efforts With The Requirements' - Mahendra Wagh (98.92%iler In SNAP 2016) On Cracking The SNAP - SIBM Bengaluru
- Read on to know Mahendra’s preparation strategy to ace SNAP.

'I Started With The Section I Was Weakest In' - Sairam Pasupuleti (98.17%iler In SNAP 2016) On Cracking The SNAP - SIBM Bengaluru
- Contrary to the popular belief of starting off with areas of strength, this article talks about getting done with your weak section Read to know more.

Hope this exhaustive list helps! Good luck!

The last few days to CAT can be quite unnerving. It’s important to remember why you started preparing in the first place. And if you need some inspiration to go on for the next few days, here are some interesting stories of interesting people who went about preparing for CAT, cracked CAT, got into their dream b-school when all odds were against them.

From Failure To XLRI - My Hustle To Get Into A Top B-School - Gauri Shankar's Story
- Check out this story of the hustle to get into XLRI.

A Love Story In The Journey Of CAT - Against All Odds
- Because who doesn’t love a good love story?

CAT Journey Of A Confused Engineer
- Engineer? Confused? CAT? Relatable? Read this!

MBA Despite Being Visually Impaired - Chirag Gambhir - FMS Delhi
- “So when I can face this challenging world, why can't you?” If this story doesn’t inspire you to give your best, we don’t know what will!

Here's Why Your Uncle's Advice Of Not Taking CAT Is WRONG
- For any one and every one who has been told that they can’t do it! This one is for you!

A Story Of A Girl Who Had The Heart And Courage To Go Against Societal Norms - Talat Khanam - SPJIMR
- This is a story of a girl who had the heart & courage to go against the societal norms and her father who had the compassion to support her dreams.

From A Cancer Survivor To A 96%iler At XLRI
- “Dude, I don’t want to be rude here but you don’t stand a chance at XLRI with 96%ile.” Well you do. Read this to know the entire story.

Two Failed Attempts – My Story Of Entering IIM Lucknow
- If you are dejected, demotivated and disappointed, continue reading.

The On-Going Journey Of An Average Engineer In The World Of CAT
- For anyone who needs a sign, this is it - “It is doable. It has been done. It will be done again.”

2 CAT Attempts, And A Journey To HelL - Ramraj Nagar
- Because the second time is a charm when it comes to IIM Lucknow. :p

How I Cracked CAT In My Fourth Attempt And Made It To IIM B | Swayam Tibrewal, CAT 99.12 Percentiler
- If you're looking to score 99%ile in CAT 2019, this video is a must-watch for you!

3 Attempts To Get Into JBIMS - Shahbaaz Khan
- This story is not unheard of. Many people appear for entrance exams more than once. But to be able to strive for one goal year on year requires a lot of motivation and perseverance.

From A Small Village Of Gujarat To SPJIMR | Best MBA Motivational Story
- Getting into a b-school is all about fighting against all odds. But for some people, it isn't always a level playing field.

From Marriage To Motherhood To MBA - Anushree Rai, XLRI Jamshedpur
- They say you're never too old to go back to school! This story proves it...

A Story Of Courage In The Face Of Adversity - Chitra Zutshi, IIM Indore
- Her journey from studying in a single classroom in Jammu, to rejecting top schools of DU because of logistical problems and her current life at IIM-I is truly inspiring.

How I Beat Cancer To Live My Dream | Shyamala Iyer | SIBM Pune
- Shyamala Iyer got diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age. The world came crashing for her and all her dreams seemed too far off. But, she took this as a challenge and converted it into her strength. Watch her story now!

As much as b-school selects you, you also choose a b-school. Learn how to select a b-school that suits your career needs under this section. P.S: it goes beyond placements!

B-Schools To Apply After CAT 2019 | Cut-Offs, Deadline, Fees, And More
- To find out more on b-schools that accept CAT scores, read this article that gives you a compiled list of MBA colleges, seats, cutoffs, application deadline, and other related information.

How To Choose Between Two B-Schools
- Confusion of choosing between two colleges or taking a year's drop for better college or the very question of pursuing MBA or not. Learn to make an informed decision here!

Decoding The Average Package, Placements And More
- Understand the average package with more clarity in this story.

How To Choose A B-School - Tips From An XLRI Student
- This article focuses on breaking down the two pillars of the decision-making process - the institute and the individual (YOU).

Which B-School Is Perfect For You?
- Yes, Batch Size and Average Profile matters!

A 6 Point Guide When Choosing Your B-School
- Whatever you choose, you will have your second thoughts. People around you will sway your opinion every second day and it will all become a muddle with no end in sight! Use these 6 metrics to decide!

How To Choose Your B-school Wisely
- 10 things that you must consider while selecting a b-school.

Placements are one of the most important metrics when it comes to b-school selection. Over the years, apart from the academic rigour, placements at different b-schools are the most-sought after for any MBA aspirant. Check out our really really detailed placement reports here -

TISS Mumbai - Summer Placements - Class Of 2019 - 2021

SIBM Pune - Summer Placements - Class Of 2019 - 2021

IIM Lucknow - Summer Placements Report - Class Of 2021 (Unverified)

Final Placements - Class of 2019 - Placement Statistics At Top B-Schools

Check out more than 180 placement reports of different b-schools over the years here - Placement Reports.