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IIM Shillong Pays Respect To The Gurus On Teacher's Day

The relationship between teachers and students can never be put into words. A teacher is a mentor, a friend, a guide. It is perhaps the strongest relationship, built over years

Celebrating Janmashtami, IIM Shillong Style!

Completing countless assignments and projects, brainstorming on competitive case studies, and gearing up for the exams, that’s the usual routine of students at any management institute. But all of this

My First Independence Day Celebration At IIM Bodhgaya

IIM Bodh Gaya celebrated India’s 72nd Independence Day on August 15, 2018, with enthusiasm and zeal. The entire IIM Bodh Gaya fraternity - students, staff, CAO etc and their family

Yes, I’ve Seen God! - The Sachin Tendulkar Experience - IIM Rohtak

24 years, 664 International matches, 34357 runs, 100 centuries and featuring in almost all the cricketing records – ladies and gentleman, these are all the statistical marks that the Master

IIM Shillong Conducts A Cleanliness Drive On Gandhi Jayanti

For MBA students, 2nd October is not just a national holiday, it is a day of snoozing alarms. However, this time, everyone made an exception. This year, students of 1st

'If We Want Equal Rights, We Have To Be Ready To Perform Equal Duties.' - Pragya Mittal - IIM Visakhapatnam - Celebrating Womanhood On InsideIIM

Celebrating the spirit of womanhood, we have Pragya Mittal, a postgraduate student at the Indian Institute of Management, Visakhapatnam, sharing her take on life and womanhood.

IIM Rohtak Salutes The Spirit Of The Indian Soldiers On The Occasion Of 71st Independence Day

The diverse culture of our nation was splendidly displayed by the students of IIM Rohtak on the occasion of 71St Independence Day. Students from more than 20 states came together