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Metamorphosis- Through Hell To Hel(l)

Disclaimer: This is not a sob story but one that keeps me rooted. Please be patient and do not skim through the read.

How Life After An MBA Is Different Than You Think

Richard Adams once wrote, “You know how you let yourself think that everything will be alright if you can only go to a certain place or do a certain thing.

Artificial Intelligence Or Emotional Intelligence - IIM Kashipur

Evolution has been an integral part of human civilization. At a certain point, there were about six different species on earth and their ecological impact was as meager as other

A Letter From An MBA Alumna To All MBA Aspirants And Students

If there was just one thing I wish I could convince my aspirant self, it would be to believe that the dark, rocky road she was travelling on-that dreadful ambiguity,

A New Platform To Learn - Guest Sessions

Preparing for CAT and still in a dilemma about a lot of stuff? Then this post is for you!

5 Steps Which Can Save Congress From Downfall And Why It Will Not Take These Steps

The defeat of the Indian National Congress in the 2019 General Election was always seen as inevitable. With Balakot strikes and no major corruption charges, the Modi government had indeed hit

The Scope For Quality Education In Rural India

The role of education in an individual’s personal growth, skill development & democratic responsible behaviour, thereby contributing immensely to the overall prosperity of a nation, is irrefutable. India has a

Assam Floods From Afar - An IIM Rohtak Student's Agonizing Experience With The Assam Floods by Anisha Gogoi

I come from a middle-class family based in Assam, a beautiful state endowed with natural resources, biodiversity and assimilation of different cultures, in the north-eastern part of India. Yet, with