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What Lies Beyond The CAT Scores?

Now that your CAT scores are out, do you know what you want to do next? What lies beyond B-school shortlists? What kind of a career do you want when

No SC/ST Faculty in IIM A, B, C

Remember the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata? There was always a mention of the sacred guru-shishya (teacher-student) bond. Unfortunately, in those times, the transaction of knowledge was only reserved for

What If You Don't Get Placed In Your Dream Job?

"That's the thing about human life- there is no control group, no way to ever know how any of us would have turned out if any variables had been changed"-

Done With CAT? Here's How You Can Remain Motivated In The Last Mile To XAT 2020

CAT 2019 is over! And it is understandable that you are exhausted and feel drained out. Preparing and appearing for a paper-like CAT is hard, as it is a highly

The Ultimate B-School Comparison List

It’ll be admission season soo. Right now you’re probably flitting between entrance exams, trying to zero in on which b-school to apply for and get into. Let’s not forget the

Prabandhan - A Fest Of #MBAIITKanpur

It is a known fact that IIT Kanpur is renowned for its humongous fests like Antaragni, Techkriti, and Udghosh. Still, among all these classics, there is a relatively new but

CAT 2019 - Analysis By IMS, Career Launcher, 2iim And Hitbullseye

CAT 2019 was a paper with moderate difficulty. CAT takers found the questions in the quant and -DI-LR sections to be lengthy and time consuming, while VA-RC to be tougher

Metamorphosis- Through Hell To Hel(l)

Disclaimer: This is not a sob story but one that keeps me rooted. Please be patient and do not skim through the read.