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What Are The Medical Benefits That Companies Should Provide To Their Employees? Take This Poll.

At a time when the entire world is undergoing a global health threat, large corporations are announcing health benefits for a lot of its employees. Employees are the core strength

How Multinational Companies are dealing with the Coronavirus Crisis? Take This Quiz!

The entire world is undergoing a tumultuous time during the global pandemic of coronavirus. With the economy crashing down under continuing lockdown in all major countries the multinational companies are

How Tata Motors Markets Its Cars Ft. Nakul Gupta, Head Of Marketing, XLRI Alum

Driving is one of those rites of passages which we all look forward to. From getting your driving licences, to buying your first car, they are very special moments in

Do You Think Its High Time For Digital Induction And Campus Hiring? Take The Poll

The recent coronavirus outbreak across the world has shaken the world with its spread and severity. To curb the spread, companies are announcing work from home for its employees, educational

What Sponsored Events Do You Most Associate With Tata Steel? Take This Poll To Answer!

When you join an organisation, what do you consider the most? Is it the company policies, or the brand perception? Organisations around the world spend a lot of money in

What Role Does A B-School Play In Shaping Your Career | Ft. SPJIMR Mumbai

Why do people do an MBA? What role does a B-School play in shaping their personality and career? If you ask professionals about their B-School days, most of them will

Spondylitis Almost Shattered My Dreams, MBA Gave Me Hope - Dr. Chintan Gala, IIM Shillong

Dr. Chintan Gala is a dentist from Bombay who had cleared his medical entrance exams but couldn’t do his MBBS because of a condition that he developed suddenly before his

Murder Tore My Family Apart Ft. Tridha Agrawal, IIM Shillong

This particular video has been taken down by the author.