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How To Write A Killer Product Manager Resume In 2023

Creating a product manager resume is akin to selecting the ideal song to match your mood - daunting and overwhelming. However, your resume acts as your gateway to the professional

Decoding BITSoM Foundation Batch Placements

Ever since the announcement of BITSoM, the MBA community has been waiting eagerly to see how the foundation batch performs in the final placement and how the industry reacts to

Should You Do An MBA After 5+ Years Of Experience, ft. Great Lakes PGPM Students

Too many aspirants find themselves struggling to answer this one common question when it comes to their careers. “Is it too late for me to do an MBA now?”

How This IMT Nagpur Alum Got Into JP Morgan Chase & Co. ft. Anupama Victor

Anupama Victor, was part of the 2017 Cohort of PGDM - Finance & Human Resources at IMT Nagpur, but just like most other fresh MBA grads, had little clue of

The First Job After B-school Isn’t Going To Define You For Life, Ft. Sidharth S & Kumar S,IMT G Alum

We have all heard about the much-talked-about Alumni meets in B-schools. But, what if we bring them under one roof and document their experience and journey for you to see!

Case Study: The Supply Chain Of Amul - From Cow To Kitchen!

“When it comes to dairy products, the supply chain is an udder science.”  - While many people drink milk regularly, few are aware of the extensive supply chain that carries

How To Land A Role In KPMG And Bata, Ft. IMT Nagpur Students

Summer Internships and Final Placements, two of the most dreaded, anxiety inducing times in an MBA student's life. But being prepared with the right skillset and mindset, can work wonders

Why Exceptional Profiles Are Needed In An MBA Classroom?

Isn’t it about time for your unique individual and remarkably prominent achievements in extracurriculars to not get flown under the radar, but get rewarded in premier B-Schools of our country?