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After interviews?

After interviews?

As my IIM’s interviews are about to end. What are the things that I can do in the remaining days (so that it may help during and after b school)? I am a fresher. I only have one digital marketing certification. 

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 3 months ago

Hi Rishabh,

Here is a list of things you can do, before joining an MBA:

1. Build a good Network: Start building a good rapport with your immediate seniors (from any institute) through social groups and LinkedIn.
2. Build your Resume: Get the first draft of your resume ready
3. Do a Short-Term Course: Try doing a short-term online course – a course with recognized certification will be a great add-on.
4. Learn Excel, R, SPSS: Learning a language, tool, or a software is a great option and building proficiency in Excel is not just a good-to-have but a must-have skill for any management graduate.
5. Develop your Soft Skills: A parameter that can really help you stand out from the crowd at the B-School is your presentation skills – so work a lot on this front.

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Jeetesh Varshney, IIM Udaipur answered 2 months ago

Hi Rishabh,

As your B-school interviews are about to end, my first and foremost suggestion will be to you that go on a trip with your friends as after joining a B-school, you will not have much to go on a trip or visit your friends.

Other than this, you can do a whole a lot of things:

1. Certifications: As you have already done with basic digital marketing certifications and want to explore the field, you can further do Google Ads, Google Analytics etc.

2. Learn the Basics of Accounting and Read Kotler : Believe me, you will bless me for this piece of advice 🙂

3. Learn Excel, Powerpoint and R: These 3 tools will come very handy to survive in MBA.

4. Sort out How you are going to Finance your MBA: This is very important as many a time this process took a whole lot of time.

5. Networking: If you are sure of which B-school you are going to join, then start connecting with current students as well as Alumni of that Institutes and get their insights on campus life and all.

6. Resume Building: Make a one or two-page resume of yours and collect the proofs or documents of the stated points from the respective institutes if don’t have in hand.

7. Communication Skills: Improve your communication skills as these will help you at many points of time during the MBA life.

Last but not least, do enjoy and spend quality time with your friends and family.

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Hope This Helps!

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Can you please explain point 4 in detail? I don’t have idea how i am going to finance it. I heard that fee is easily financed.

Read the third article “Things to consider before financing your MBA”whose link I mentioned above.
P.S. Do read all the three articles for complete details

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