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How is the IPM Course at IIM Indore?

How is the IPM Course at IIM Indore?

How different is the IPM Course of IIM Indore from other MBA courses? Does any other institute run likewise 5-year integrated course? Also, how productive is the same (both in terms of learning and career growth) if compared to the other IIMs?

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Antara Dutta, IIM Indore (Since 1996) answered 12 months ago

Hi I am a student of the 3rd graduating (or rather say post-graduating) batch of IPM. The course has been in its developing phase and has taken a form which I think is different from the time when our batch got admitted. The new curriculum is up on the main site but since the basic objective of the course is same I will share my experience and my views about the curriculum. We had a tri-semester system and I wouldn’t say one had to break sweat to study. However, the course outline is so designed that we had a lot to do, ranging from group projects, class activities, live projects, presentations, field work. Also there are fest and club committee work and so on. There had been times when one needed to do all this together at the same time but all this amps up the multitasking ability, so when you have to deal with it as managers it comes easy to you.  The focus on the development of both soft and hard skills that are needed to be a competent manager, are the basic objective of this course and one gets to inculcate the skills all throughout 5 years. I had batch mates from different academic backgrounds, and since the curriculum covers subjects from diverse fields (like economics, literature, science etc) everyone faced difficulty in one subject or the other, however the relative grading takes care of that. The small size of the batch is an added advantage when it comes to the level of interaction you can have. The campus offers a lot of opportunity to socialize, share ideas, experience and if one can develop an open attitude it lets you have a great time here. There is no doubt that the professors are quite serious about what they teach, but the interesting part is, most of them have work experience in industries and they guide your thinking by adding the practical aspects in their lecture too. Its amazing how they can help you look at things from different perspective and bring your attention to issues by thinking big so that you can do your part as future managers.

IIM Indore (IPM course 2013-2018) Alumnus

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 11 months ago

The IPM course at IIM-I, from what I have heard, is a great integrated programme for those who aim to ultimately be a part of the PGP batch of IIM Indore and become managers. 
I have spoken with one of my family friends who was in the IPM programme, and she only had nice things to say about the course. 

If I am not wrong, NMIMS also runs a similar programme for their B.Tech and BBA batches, although I am not sure if they enrol their students in the PGDM batch later on. 

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