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I had done digital marketing certification(12 courses in 1) via udemy. Please, suggest one more certification course.

2 years ago

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Rishabh Gautam
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Chirag Shukla

Hi Rishabh. 
Some certification courses in digital marketing are:

  1. Social Media Marketing by Hootsuite.
  2. Inbound Marketing & SEO by HubSpot.
  3. Google Adwords (Search and Display Opt-In). 
  4. SEO Certification by Rand Fishkin (Moz, available on Udemy).
  5. Facebook Marketing certification.
  6. Digital Marketing on edX.
  7. Social Media Marketing For Beginners by InsideIIM-Konversations

If you're doing these courses for CV building (Im 99% sure you are), then certificate courses are not going to be enough - you need to know the substance of the concepts that you are learning.
Here are some learning resources to help you better your knowledge in Digital Marketing:

  1. Whiteboard Fridays With Rand Fishkin (available on YouTube).
  2. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler (book).
  3. Neil Patel's website and YouTube channel.

What you should ideally do is that learn concepts, and start your own website to understand the journey of a Digital Marketer, to get to know Content Management systems better, the kind of experimentation that increases reach, circumventing the internet's pay-to-play model through SEO and SEM, and finding out how you can use Google Analytics to track user behaviour and website traffic. 
Ultimately, the point should not be to just have 2 courses on your CV or LinkedIn profile, but to actually learn and apply concepts in real life. 
Hope this helps.

2 years ago

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  • Rishabh Gautam

    please provide link of the book

  • Chirag Shukla

    Hi Rishabh. This is the link -

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