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Quant CAT

Quant CAT

Anon ymous, MBA Aspirant asked 5 months ago

I am still scoring low in mock because of low attempts in Quant. In fact I know the concepts but I don’t seem to know or apply them when I see the questions. What could be done. Any sufsuggestions are the most welcome

2 Answers
Jeetesh Varshney, IIM Udaipur answered 5 months ago

Hi Jithin,
I can totally understand your problem because I went through the same a year ago. As the CAT is less than a month away, the best you can do is to solve around 10-12 quant sectional tests and try to focus more on speed. In every test, try to read every single question and don’t waste too much time on any single question. If after one reading, you are not able to comprehend it, just move on to the next question. After every test, analyze it. Believe me, you can see the change in your score just after 4-5 tests.
Hope it helps!!
All the best

Member, InsideIIM Student Team 4 | PGP - IIM Udaipur, 2020

Hi Jithin,
I know that there are only 2 weeks left to CAT. But, believe me, sufficient improvement is possible in this time duration also. Here is what I would recommend:

  1. Firstly, try writing 8-10 quant sectional tests (1 hour long) over the next week. You can choose to shift focus from writing overall mock tests for now. The reason being that it is more important to get your quant to a good level
  2. Analyse each sectional test carefully after you attempt it. Subdivide your mistakes into those that you spent a lot of time and those that you had quickly solved. See if there is a pattern across tests and address that
  3. The biggest skill you can gain right now is identifying which questions you will be able to solve. There will be certain topics and some kinds of questions that you generally answer correctly. Learn to identify these questions quickly in a paper. A lot of times, our scores are low not because of lack of knowledge but because we choose to waste time on questions which we are weak at

I think all of these 3 steps will definitely bring about a significant increase in your score. Above all, learn not to panic! Remember, tens of thousands of other people are finding the paper as hard as you. They are no more intelligent or well prepared. They are just able to find out the questions that they are best prepared for and then answer those successfully.
All the best!

Member, InsideIIM Student Team 4 | PGP - IIM Calcutta, 2019

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