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Should Infrastructure play a role while selecting a B-School?

Should Infrastructure play a role while selecting a B-School?

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Abirbhav Mukherjee, IIM Trichy answered 12 months ago

Imagine a situation in a typical B-School where you have to prepare for two quizzes and submit two assignments and prepare a mid-review report of a project work, all to be accomplished before 8 AM in the morning. Your 2.5m X 4m X 6m room is filled with your team mates (about 5) AND your room mate (who “might” be kind enough to move to his/her teammate’s room for his/her work). So far so good? Not feeling crammed up? Now add to this broken floor on your room, dilapidated corridoor and invite a few pests like lizards and insects. And oh, you are given fluctuating wi-fi and electricity to “aid” your studies. Sounds a perfect environment to study and achieve excellence in a World Class Institute, right? 
If the answer to the above question is No, then please do look out for proper infrastructure in a B-School. You pay a huge sum of money as fees to the B-School. Atleast some basic infrastructural requirements are a must. I am not saying that you should look for a 5 Star suite as your hostel room, or a Connaught Place styled Market in your campus. But yes, you are studying MBA, which is serious business. And serious businesses require peace of mind to let your thoughts run free. A single occupancy room with adequate bathroom ratio, adequately maintained hostel infrastructure, adequate audio-visual aids in classrooms to enhance learning, uninterrupted internet and electricity access are some very basic infrastructural requirements which should be present in any premier B-School. 
Another instance. What if I tell you to use only post cards to communicate with friends, teachers, external agencies and companies instead of cell phones just because people 20 years ago didn’t have access to those, and yet excelled? People back then were forced by constraints, and their success despite such constraints is commendable. But that is no reason for you to impose such constraints on yourself too, in an era when such constraints are simply unimaginable.

I am an alumnus of IIM Trichy (MBA 2016-2018 batch)

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