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Is it a good idea for an aspirant to focus only on non-CAT exams?

Is it a good idea for an aspirant to focus only on non-CAT exams?

CAT is the most famous b-school exam for MBA aspirants in India and hence a huge number of applicants. What if one focuses only on exams like TISSNET, IIFT, CET or even XAT for that matter? What do you all, as fellow aspirants, MBA students and MBA Alumni, think?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant answered 9 months ago

Well, logically it would matter in two distinct ways:

  1. More number of people give CAT as compared to other competitive exams. So probability wise, you stand a higher chance of selection in an exam such as SNAP or IIFT. 
  2. CAT score is accepted by more number of institutes. So your chances of getting into a premier management institute increase because most of them accept the CAT score. 

So the only logical approach is to focus on all exams. This is because:

  1. The syllabus is almost the same for all exams. Only the level of difficulty varies, along with one or two sections.
  2. Your chances of admission to a premier institute increase, as there is sometimes an overlap in the exam scores some institutes like SPJIMR and XIMB consider for short-list and selection.

So I would suggest that an MBA aspirant should prepare for and attempt all exams.
However, if something about a particular non-CAT institute draws you towards it, and it is your life’s purpose to be in that B-School, then you can afford to focus on just one or two exams. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

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