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Ten Crucial Recruitment Reports Every MBA Aspirant And B-School Student Must Read In 2019

How likely are you to be happy with your job after an MBA? What is an ideal salary expectation to have post-MBA, and are those expectations actually met? Which are India's most desirable business schools? How big a role does money actually play in the decision to pursue an MBA?

Google, MBB Firms & Unilever Are India's Dream Companies | InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

This part of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018 takes a look at the Dream Companies of India - brands we all want/ have wanted to work with at some point in our lives. These are companies which evoke the thought - "Yaar, idhar kaam karna hai." 

Unilever, P&G And Nestle Top FMCG Rankings | InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

The InsideIIM Recruitment Survey series takes a look at the most desirable recruiters across various industries and hiring for various roles, the career expectations and preferences of current MBA students and post-MBA professionals, and the thought process of MBA aspirants around B-school selection and what drives them to pursue an

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley & JP Morgan Are The Most Desirable Banking & Finance Recruiters | InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

Banking and Finance is one of the most sought after roles at a B-school campus, perhaps second only to management consulting roles that have an equally (if not more) glamourous aura about them. At top B-schools such as the IIMs, FMS Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, JBIMS Mumbai etc., Finance roles have