Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce marketplace with a registered customer base of over 150 million. In the 10 years since it started, Flipkart has come to offer over 100 million

Flipkart WiRED 3.0

It’s time to Get WiRED! Flipkart’s official case study challenge for India’s top B-Schools is back! WiRED 2019 is the third edition of WiRED. Students from both batches (PGP 1 and PGP 2) will be able to participate in the challenge which will be run over 3 phases – Case Study Submission, Campus Presentations and Nationals at the Flipkart Campus in Bengaluru.

Winners will get exciting prizes, an opportunity at Individual PPIs with Flipkart, and mentorship from our experts! A sneak peek into WiRED 2019. In its third year, WiRED gets bigger than ever! For the first time, we will have 3 separate domain-specific challenges in the areas of Business, Supply Chain and HR. These challenges are designed to test the students not only on their technical knowledge and logical capability, but also on creative problem solving. Are you ready to get plugged in to the world of WiRED?

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    Ankit Doshi, ALUMNI
    5 Sep, 2019

    India's poster child - Probably the first massively successful and celebrated start-up of the internet age in India.

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