Consulting Workshop Report – Guesstimates, Case Interviews And Konversations On Journeys

Workshops to Crack the CAT or other Entrance Exams and selecting a b-school are too myopic. Career decisions go beyond how much you score in your CAT or which b-school you select! It ends with selecting the right Career Path and Goal for yourself. And what’s the point of cracking the CAT or getting into a b-school if you don’t know which career is the best for you. In this series of Offline events, InsideIIM – Konversations aims to help you with making an informed career choice and to move past the RAT race!

Consulting is one of the most coveted domains that majority of MBA Aspirants dream of getting into. But how do you know if it is right for you? Here’s what we did to help a few MBA Aspirants to give a taste of the Consulting World.

It was a bright sunny morning at the end of September when some MBA aspirants woke up to come to MISB Bocconi in Powai to attend the InsideIIM – Konversations Workshop on Consulting Careers. Here’s how we started!

9:30 Hours – Registrations – 

Registration Queens all Ready for Registrations!

10:00 Hours – Ankit Doshi, CEO and Founder of InsideIIM – Konversation addresses the crowd


He also took a short session on How to Make Guesstimates! 

The guesstimates discussed in the session :

How many people wear a watch in Mumbai everyday in the local trains?

How many people does Swiggy need to employ to take calls or chat in the customer support department?


10:30 Hours – And the sessions with the industry experts begin!

Nagendra is an engineer from IIT Roorkee,  PGP in Business from MISB Bocconi, and is currently working at Universal Consulting as a full-time consultant.


Saurabh starting the session like a pro! Saurabh is a Management consultant at Ernst & Young, majored in Consulting and Business strategy from MISB Bocconi

We had divided the attendees into two groups to increase interactivity with the speakers and personalise the experience.

It’s Housefull at MISB Bocconi!

12:00 hours – An XLRI-ite, Miti Vaidya, taking a session on Case Interviews

Tip 1, Tip 2, Tip 3 and some…

….some role play exercise!

Cases Discussed in the case interviews session :

A toffee manufacturing FMCG company has increasing revenues but falling profits. Can you help the CEO figure out what is going wrong?

A major airline is considering starting a new route from Bangalore to Singapore. How can it determine if the route is a good idea?

Mrs Sharma is a very wealthy woman who doesn’t know what to do with her money. She has two options – invest in a football team or invest in an F1 team. She has hired you as consultant to help her. How would you approach this case?


Wait! It’s not over yet!

There’s A LOT of yummy and tasty food!


Yummy, no?

WAIIITTTT! There are some Freebies!

10 Early Birds even received a Pendrive!



Certificate and a Power Bank – Never run out of battery!

And that’s all, folks!


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