Deloitte – Interview Experience #4


The 4th Interview experience is up. Consulting interviews are majorly case based but this one had a stress HR interview also. Read on to see how the candidate tackled those questions and got herself a coveted consulting summer internship.

Keep reading more such experiences, as we have interviews from Finance, Marketing and GenMan companies lined up. You can also check out previous years’ experiences here.

________________________________________________________________________________Consulting Interview Experience


Business School: IIM Lucknow

Actual Interview Experience:

Round 1:  HR It appeared that they intended to make it a stress interview. As I entered, he stood up, shook hands, but refrained from smiling. Work ex details on CV were discussed, was asked to explain the difference between agile and waterfall methodology of development (methods used in IT industry) and explanation was followed by 5 to 6 other questions on the same topic.

Q) Why did you join IIM Lucknow and not IIM Bangalore?

A) Justified my stance

Q) Is IIM Lucknow adding value as per your expectations?

A) I mentioned learning in stress, time management and sharing of ideas

Q) In your CV, I don’t find any POR on campus? (Committee etc.)

A) I told about Bhavishya- the committee that I am a part of.

Q) What all shortlists do you have?

A) after 3 seconds pause, “It would be good if you could ask pcom”

Q) Interviewer stood up: “O Really! Every other person who came to this room told me about other shortlists. Now tell me, what other shortlists?

A) Ask pcom (it’s important to be calm and not panic)

Q) “B.Sc. Biology! Hm..How good are you in Maths”

A) Humbly gambled, “Sir, I am good that’s why I am here” I felt like the opportunity died this very moment…

Q) Do you have any questions?

A) No Sir (He was disappointed and mentioned that everybody else had a question). However, I spoke about some friends who are in Deloitte and then compared McKinsey and Deloitte work culture, to prove that I have some idea of the role being offered. (Please prepare a question to be asked)

I was escorted out the door.

Round 2: Case based, qualitative along with data sheet.

Case: A cable box manufacturer wants to outsource manufacturing.

(a) Is this a good option?

(b) If they don’t pursue this, what else can be done?

(c) What are decision making criteria?

(d) If you go for outsourcing, how will you process with the analysis?

Data sheet was provided when I brought up cost into discussion. Fixed and variable components were given along with annual production for three years. I was asked to calculate cost per unit and base my decision on the data of three years (including cost of machinery- fixed component and other assets)


Round 3: Principal round. It was mix of case study briefing and CV. Lot of questions on personal life, work life balance, consistency in Deloitte.

  1. If we give you PPO, will you be willing to travel?
  2. Why consulting?
  3. Solution proposed in the case.
  4. You have never done one thing at a time. (Entrepreneur when student, left college when student, job to IIML etc.) How will you be consistent and satisfied in Deloitte?

Q) Why didn’t you peruse you start up ahead in spite of being successful.

A) Told him about problems faced in scaling and some issues in a small sized organization that tickled his funny bone. Later I linked this with best practices in Deloitte.

Q) Any questions.

A) Took lessons from previous interview, made up a question (type of project etc.)


Parts of the Interview you did well at:

Different scenarios mentioned in the case and don’t know what they liked in first interview, but probably my answers were to the point and I didn’t panic

Parts of the Interview you didn’t do well at:

I should have prepared a question to be asked, could have rehearsed the answer for “how good in Maths” and “which other shortlists”.

Final Verdict: Offered

Anything else you may want to add:

For all the interviews, just know the answer to “who am I”, (you did somethings, you didn’t do others, you should know why you made those decisions; what are you good at and be aware of things you are not good at)

It is not only about the time period from the day of your shortlist till your interview, it is about your journey till date.


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