SCMHRD, one of the top B-schools in the country, houses not only the crème de la crème of the minds across the world, but also the most talented minds. Few of these talented minds came together 8 years back and decided to help solve a world problem of grave concern, seen yet unseen by many. The problem is that of trafficking of humans. They named themselves S.H.A.P.A.T.H., which means to take a pledge, and they did exactly that, they took a pledge to act. Act for Awareness, Prevention and Action against trafficking of humans. This initiative of theirs led them to associate with an NGO, Saheli, which helps nurture abandoned kids of trafficked women and a few others.

Why did they choose to eradicate human trafficking? When S.H.A.P.A.T.H. indulged into helping the society, they found that the plague of human trafficking is affecting the society very rapidly. Unlike other issues, this wasn’t something everybody would address, and hence it remained neglected. These brave hearts went ahead to service this issue, and help those still in the dark. Needless to say, since the team is working socially, they do other social activities, but human trafficking remains the centre of their focus till date.

5 years into what they were doing, came across a very new concept, E.A.R.N., that lighted up many lives.They questioned the entire system of collecting donations from others, and just being a channel to donate the collected funds to the needy. Instead, these passionate individuals decided to work hard and EARN it. The idea of E.A.R.N. was something that came at the right time and with the right people – all of it, very suddenly. They decided to leverage the managerial skills of the entire batch of MBA students, to take out time from their extremely busy schedules, go out there and work for the uplifting of others. The initial year itself, was a huge success. For the year gone by, E.A.R.N. has managed to come out in flying colors and attain their motive. Along the inception of E.A.R.N., also came the association with Snehalaya, an NGO that focuses on the victims of human trafficking and their revival. Having joined hands with Snehalaya, it was an important realization that, E.A.R.N. definitely is about the funds, but more than that, it’s about the awareness of the cause. They analysed and understood that there are so many people that do not know that human trafficking happens under their noses, in their neighbourhood, not many miles away from them.

E.A.R.N. is back again! To empower and rehabilitate, and most importantly to aware the masses. 13th, 14th and 15th of August 2016 find them sporting S.H.A.P.A.T.H. T-shirts and working for the one thing that they are so passionate about.

So, out there, in the stores of Pune, these enthusiastic students of SCMHRD are doing their bit. Are you?