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CAT 2023 Preparation Plan: 60-Day

If you're gearing up for CAT 2023 and the clock is ticking with just 60 days remaining, it's time to devise a strategic plan to make the most out of

CAT 2021 Topper Pavan Kumar Vatti's Success Journey

This is Pavan Kumar Vatti, I am from a town called Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh. My father is a teacher, my mother is a homemaker and I have a

NIT Bhopal graduate who secured admission to IIM Ahmedabad.

Priyanshu Shrimal, a B.Tech graduate from NIT Bhopal (2022 batch), currently works as an Operations Associate and has previously worked as a Sales Development Representative in the North American market

How She Made It To IIMC With 98.7%ile In CAT

Adrija is a fresher (no work experience) and has a BS-MS Dual degree in Biological Sciences (CGPA: 7.59/10), after having done her studies under ICSE (94.3%) and ISC (82%). Some

75 Day: Preparation Plan For CAT 2023

Preparing for the CAT exam is a two-fold process. One part involves making the best use of the 2-hour exam time, and the other focuses on maximizing the benefits of

CAT 2023 vs. Cricket: 75-Days Preparation Plan

CAT vs. Cricket: The 75-Day BattleAs people are excited about the big India vs. Pakistan cricket match in the Asia Cup, something similar is happening for CAT 2023 Aspirants. Students

CAT DI-LR Most Important Topics - Analyzing Past 5 Years’ CAT Papers

CAT DILR Paper AnalysisTo succeed in the CAT exam, it's crucial to excel in the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) section. This section is considered challenging because it's often

How IIMs Support Entrepreneurship in India

How IIMs Support Entrepreneurship in IndiaThe surge in people wanting to start their own businesses in India is a newer trend that really picked up around the early 2000s. This

5 Simple Strategies to Master in CAT's Data Interpretation Section

CAT's Data Interpretation (DI) section might seem like a tricky puzzle but think of it as a fun challenge to solve. Imagine you're a detective solving a mystery – the

Motivation For CAT 2023 Aspirants - Winning with Consistency

Sports are often a source of inspiration for people in various walks of life. A lot of important life lessons such as teamwork, learning from and accepting defeat, patience and