IIFT Exam Pattern And Syllabus

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) annually conducts the IIFT competitive exam for admission into their institutes - IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata.

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CAT Exam

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) annually conducts the IIFT competitive exam for admission into their institutes - IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata.

IIFT Exam Pattern

IIFT is a 2 hour long exam and it consists of 6 sections - English Grammar, Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Quantitative Analysis, General Knowledge & Current Affairs. The number of questions varies year to year from 120 to 150 and are not fixed. The marking scheme of the IIFT 2019 exam is as follows:

Section Marks per question Negative Marks/question
Data Interpretation 0.75 0.33
Logical Reasoning 1 0.25
General Awareness 0.5 0.17
Verbal Ability 1 0.33
Reading Comprehension 1 0.33
Quantitative Aptitude 1 0.33

IIFT Syllabus 2019

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension:

  1. Grammar
  2. Synonyms-Antonyms
  3. Fill In The Blanks
  4. Match The Following
  5. Odd Word Out
  6. Jumbled Words & Spellings
  7. Figures Of Speech
  8. Reading Comprehension

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation:

  1. Coding-Decoding
  2. Input-Output
  3. Number, Symbols, Letter series
  4. Linear and Circular arrangements
  5. Direction Sense

Quantitative Analysis:

  1. Ratio Proportion Variation
  2. Time, Speed & Distance
  3. Averages, Mixtures, & Alligations
  4. Time & Work
  5. Permutations & Combinations
  6. Geometry & Mensuration
  7. Probability
  8. Simple & Compound Interest
  9. Logarithms

General Knowledge & Current Affairs:

  1. Domestic & Global Trade practices
  2. Acquisitions, Mergers
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Government Schemes and policies
  5. History, Geography, Indian Polity
  6. International Relations
  7. Global Business news
  8. Sports, Technology

How is IIFT different from CAT?

Section CAT IIFT
English Language Inferential Based Fact Based
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Logical & Tricky Calculation Intensive
Quantitative Ability Direct & Indirect Questions More of Direct Questions
General Knowledge Indirect Passage-Based Questions


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