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How Failures Aided My Journey To SIBM Pune | Kartika Bang

Before you guys read my story, I would recommend you to make your own Bingo and get the best out of it.First Attempt at CAT = First Failure FacedWhat is

An Introvert's Guide To GDPI | Aprajita Srivastava, XLRI HRM '22

Do your heart palpitations increase when you unmute yourself on zoom calls? Do you hyperventilate when asked to start speaking? Are you a self-diagnosed introvert wondering if you can make

IIM Ranchi: Campus Life, Placement, Admission Criteria, Eligibility, Fees & More | Know Your Campus

Being the 9th Indian Institution for Management, IIM Ranchi envisions to be the top 10 b-school in the Asian region. It is also one of the New IIMs that was

An English Grad’s Strategy To Crack CAT 2020 | Ft. Ratula Bandyopadhyay, IIM K

Meet Ratula Bandyopadhyay, an English Literature graduate from Presidency College, Kolkata. Ratula decided to pursue an MBA during her college 2nd year and started giving a serious thought during her

Summers At Wipro | Summer Saga 2020

As the days for the internship reached near, I got excitement level kept increasing. I could not wait to know my location and project details. Wipro has been a systematic

My Love Story With Marketing | Summers At Coca Cola

“You find love when you least expect it.”

Reliance - Summer Internship Experience

This summer was historic. We did things that we had never done before. While organizations fought this challenge on many fronts, one team that needs a special mention for managing