Farewell: Looking Back At The Last Two Years At MDI Gurgaon

I smiled and giggled more and more as the days of saying goodbye drew nearer. Dear friends chided me that how cold I was, was I really that cold? Here I am writing something which is close to everybody’s heart, a topic which we cherish.

Few days from my departure, I was lying in my hostel bed, thinking about the promising future that my soon to be alum mater offered. Yes, I was lying in my bed, thousand dreams in my eyes- yet I felt a pinch of sharp pain and a sense of unexplained incompleteness threatening to consume all the happiness. I dared not to creep in the quiet lanes of the campus and empty the sudden sorrow of my little heart. Today, I wish I would have done that, consumed a little more of my amazing journey at MDI as today when I surpass any institution, I long to go back and relive those precious two years of my life.

Today, however, I am in peace – capturing the plethora of happy memories of MDI, realising that nobody ever can take that cherished part away from me. As I reflect back in time, I realise that each one of us came here as a loner but returned with lifelong friendships. I feel satisfied and proud at the time spent here, right from the induction to convocation, every moment of it!

I laugh at my futile efforts of getting up early for morning classes and eventually skipping breakfast to rush back to the amazing professors. I feel nostalgic remembering the urgent submissions at 23:59:59, never ending presentations, fun-filled events, enlightening guest lectures and stress busting sessions at Sharma’s.

I miss the group projects turning into late-night parties followed by brainstorming to get the work done. MDI has taught me to survive on 3 hours of sleep a day, encouraged us to study for knowledge than marks and spoiled me with ultimate freedom of expression. This place has demanded the best out of us, urged us to try new things on a daily basis, sometimes pushed us to the lonely paths, yet the entire journey was worth walking as the result has always been equally charming and fruitful.

I miss participating in enthusiastic KOK, following all the beloved traditions from thumping the desk to sitting on the walls of library waiting to throw water as a welcoming ceremony to freshers, working day in and day out to take the legacy of MDI forward.

Today, I look forward to reunite, bust the daily stress in happy get-togethers like NAM & RAM and strive to give back to this institute in whatever way I can.

I feel MDI lives in me, lives in each one of us, strengthening our beautiful bond. It does not know the bound of time, it only knows eternity; it does not know the bounds of distance, it only knows propinquity.

Vive la MDI!

Ritu Surana

Ritu Surana MDI Gurgaon