For Love Life At IIM Bangalore – 10 Professional Ways To Get A Girl Friend 

During a girls gossip session in a wing… we realized that every guy at IIM B has a girl friend in campus or claims to have one outside the campus. Sadly, both might not be true. Here’s a successful MBA’s strategy.

Segmentation: Research your market through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc on basis a) Demographics – Age & Relationship status b) Behavioral – Cost of maintenance c) Psychographic – Activities, interests and opinions.


  • Do VRIN analysis of your resources and capabilities and shortlist ones which give you sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Viable segments avoid older and committed women.
  • Start with mass marketing and funnel into a niche market.
  • Don’t go way too beyond your league


1. Competitor Benchmarking

Groom yourself, go to gym, make some dole-sholes… monetize your resources which are valued by the customer segment. This will increase your bargain power exponentially but will also help you in your final sales pitch (the proposal); Generate POD’s and maintain POP’s


2. Optimize communities

Get into one of the big 4 clubs which gives you same stature like joining one of the big 4 consulting firms


3. Social media marketing

  • Be strategic, time your market releases (changing your profile picture)
  • Engage in the principles of integrated marketing – like, comment, share


4. Re-contextualize global eyeballs

Generate publicity buzz about you through making confessions in confession pages. Owned media – you wrote it yourself; Paid media – Lure your friend to shut up and not reveal; Earned media – when your friends and class mates talk about it


5. Increase your brand awareness and brand re-call

Initiate direct marketing programs

  •             One-line touch point – Send her a facebook request
  •             Offline touch point – Go talk to her one-on-one


6. Target collaborative users

Network in parties, classrooms, sports etc to utilize grape vine to convey veiled message to the target.


7. Syndicate one to one infomediaries – Push marketing by not hesitating and going right way to her room – flirt, lend a crying shoulder


8. Cultivate dynamic partnerships with the duff


9. Stream line mission critical methodologies and extend synergistic initiatives

She gets a C and your knowledge sharing and late night studies suddenly becomes mission critical. Make most of it.


10. Final call to action for target retention – Prepare a holistic sales pitch comprising value add deliverables.