How To Get An Interview Call From IIM Kozhikode – CAT 2017 – PGP 2018-2020

IIM Kozhikode has a three-step selection process. We shall try to simplify it in this article.

Step 1 – Meeting the minimum requirement

Unlike IIM A, B and C, IIM K gives a minimum requirement for all three – CAT score, Class 10 and 12. It is as low as 60% (Class 10th and 12th), so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It should also be noted that the percentage of marks obtained in Class 10th and Class 12th would be the aggregate marks of all subjects that appear in the marks sheet or grade sheet, irrespective of whether the Board considered them for calculation of percentage.

This means that even if your board considers 4+1 subjects for calculating the percentage, you will get the brunt of screwing up in the extra subjects for which you appeared in the boards.

The weightage on sectional percentage is equal for all the sections of CAT. IIM A and C, and even I follow the same rule.

Candidates who meet the above criteria receive a call for registration from IIM Kozhikode.


Step 2 – Shortlisting for PI/GD/WAT 

AIS – Aggregate Index Score

Whether or not you will be called for GD/PI/WAT depends on your AIS, or Aggregate Index Score. Here is how it is calculated.

Unlike IIM A,B  and C, IIM K doesn’t give any weightage to Class 10 marks in preparing the shortlist of students who will appear for the GD/PI/WAT. The weightage given to Class 12 marks is also quite low, only 7.5% compared to others who have 10-20%. Graduation score is also given only 7.5% weightage.

This is a good news for those candidates who didn’t have consistent academic performance, as the CAT score will highly affect your chances of receiving a call for GD/PI/WAT. As long as you had scored 60% in Class 10 & 12, you are good to go!

Calculation of graduation weightage: Any student with less than 60% in graduation gets 0 weightage, while any student with a score above 81% gets the full 7.5% weightage.

Calculation of work experience score: Work experience of a duration less than 6 months will carry zero weightage. Anything between 6 and 36 months will get you proportionate marks, the highest marks (5%) will be given for work experience of 36 months or higher.

However, since the overall weightage at this stage is only 5%, freshers don’t need to worry too much.

The good news for all female candidates and non-engineer candidates is that 5% is awarded for the gender/academic diversity factor. The bad news is that a female engineer, a male candidate of non-engineering background and a female candidate of non-engineering background will each get the equal marks – 5% only!

This is because a candidate is entitled to an applicable diversity score of 5 either from gender diversity or academic diversity, not both of them.

The shortlisted candidates will appear for GD/PI/WAT rounds, and based on their scores in these, the final shortlist will be prepared.


Step 3 – Final Shortlist

Here is how the final score is calculated:

Let’s compare the weightage of different aspects in the final score with those of the other IIMs.

Poor quality of work experience will finally catch up with you, if the panel deems it so, by this time. 5% are awarded to the quality, and not the length of work experience. This seems like a move similar (but not the same) to IIM Bangalore, which also gives importance to the quality of work experience. However, the difference is that in the final stage, IIM B gives importance to BOTH the quality and length of work experience, while IIM K gives weightage to both the aspects in turns.

Overall, we can safely assume that as long as the candidate has scored the bare minimum 60% in Class 10 and 12, he has no risk of losing out on a call from IIM K because even in the final round, there is no weightage for both those scores. Even Bachelor’s score doesn’t carry any weightage at this point.

With 45% weightage, PI can make or break your game. Impressing the panel becomes mandatory!

Overall, I would like to point out that both IIM Kozhikode and Indore don’t play much emphasis on Class 10&12 and graduation marks when it comes to the final round of selection. If you have worked hard in your job and for CAT, and do well in PI/GD/WAT, you still have a chance to secure a seat in prestigious b-school of the country.


What has changed from last year:

There is no change in the weightage of any criteria at every stage. It seems like the Institute is settled (for now) with the method of screening candidates.



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