If you are interested in entrepreneurship, do(n’t) right away!

“If you are interested in entrepreneurship, don’t do it right away!”

The author of the article, Mr. Suhash Misra does a fantastic job in enumerating the various challenges that will undoubtedly crop up when MBA grads (and non-MBA grads, likewise) decide to take on the arduous, but luring path of ‘entrepreneurship’.

Mr Misra, now the Director of Hector Beverages, a company he co-founded, takes us through his hugely successful career in a clear, precise and coherent style. While all his initial ideas and suggestions are based on sound and pragmatic grounds, his final advice of imploring the next generation of budding entrepreneurs to take a shot in the dark appears ill advised and rushed up.

Entrepreneurship is a ruthless battleground. Even the mythical Trojan hero on whose name the company was raised, Hector himself will surely refute the idea of ‘jumping’ into a battle for which you aren’t prepared for.

According to a slogan that runs in the company’s quite quirky website, Hector Beverages was self-admittedly a ‘foolish’ idea. Today’s corporate world is largely divided by the 80/20 Principle. While Hector Beverages had the talent and zeal to make it to the top, sadly the vast majority of ventures continue to fail. Most of the small business fail even before they begin because of some ill-advised idea. They also lack the necessary know-how that can be learnt only through years of patiently gaining experience.

Excerpts from the Interview:

…it was great to connect with so many smart people. There are other ways in which the MBA helped as well: the wonderful alumni network and the confidence.

Even the above snippet taken from the interview talks indirectly about the advantages that one can garner by ‘learning the ropes’. Though an elite institution like IIM-C can offer an unmatched guest list of alumni, it doesn’t equate to actually working with successful people. That learning that we can take away from them will be  priceless.

 “We know that Achilles does not have the most powerful heels,” – www.hectorbeverages.com

Archilles may not have the most powerful heels. But, it still took several years of futile attempts and it was only a stray arrow that finally did it. So, unless your idea for a startup is thoroughly sound and well-founded, it is highly likely that the probability of your stray arrow finding its mark is less than 20%.

Readers of InsideIIM couldn’t ask for a better motivational story than Suhas Misra’s. But, life is like Russian Roulette. It is a game of chance where your first chance is always your best bet.

Make the decision of becoming an entrepreneur right away. But, do not ‘do’ it right away. Plan your moves well in advance. The longer you plan the better equipped and more confident you become.

So, take the leap. But, have a parachute strapped on.



Link for the article being refuted:  http://insideiim.com/if-you-are-interested-in-entrepreneurship-do-it-right-away-suhas-misra-co-founder-and-director-hector-beverages/

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