IIM Shillong – Campus In Clouds

Indian Institute of Management Shillong – “Campus in Clouds,” this is what participants and other associated persons of the campus call it. But, I wonder that is it this only the thing they could feel about the campus. I agree that what all I think about the campus can’t be put into two or three words or sentences and I take this opportunity to exhibit my feelings on the campus which all I kept with myself all these days here. Before getting into the story of this great and unique (subjective) campus, let me introduce myself – I am Varun, a 2nd year PGP candidate who is curiously searching for the field where I can fit.

Moving on to what makes me feel unique about the campus, I want to show the real side of the campus which contains Academics, Infra, Admin and Management, Hostels, Sustainability treks, and many more. To start with, attributes such as campus built on mountains, colliding with clouds, culture, and management within the campus are the things amazed me here. I hail from the southern part of the country from which I can tell you that everything here will be very different from what I was till then. Every physical task you do here, to illustrate going to class, admin building, ground, auditorium, are all indeed exercises with the upward sloping roads inside the campus. Learnings from the classrooms are a perfect blend of fun and industry reality through which the facilitators provide you the imagination of the real-life scenarios and the flipping principle in the strategy classes makes you think from every side of the stakeholders. I agree that all buildings of hostels are not the same and there are some negative points about these, but MBA is all about to develop your network and learn the real fundamentals of the Industry. The knowledge you get in sharing the life and industry experiences with all your mates roaming around the campus at any point of time in the day (or night) will give you a vast knowledge. The celebrations, be it birthdays, FIFA or Cricket matches screenings, club events – all these make you enriched person at the end of the day.

There are many more experiences which makes you feel campus as your home and the people here as your extended family. One illustration to describe this is the student-managed activities in the campus. Starting from room allotment to dropping you back to your car when you finally leave the campus, all are taken care of by the students or participants of the program. All these make me connected with the campus all the time and I am sure that I will miss the campus, the company I got here and everything I did, a lot in coming days.

Special thanks to ABG to make me realize all these while I am still in the campus.

Why ABG? And Which Company?

I want to join in AB Capital (Aditya Birla Capital), formerly known as Aditya Birla Financial Services Private Limited, as my interests lies in finance area in which I already started working to know the real conditions of asset management company. I started studying about risk management for the companies, and I also started preparing for the GARP FRM exam, and this also helps me more in gaining the required view for working in the company. Moreover, AB capital provides a world of opportunities in this field through which I can develop myself and can contribute to the company by understanding the job and delivering the befitting solutions to the extent I can and strive for all-round development. I have got the passion for analyzing and researching the firms, their capital structures and making the decisions required for companies or investors.

I also have the interest to make into Ultratech cement as a second choice for financial or project managing roles as I did my bachelors in Civil engineering and got the extra edge to understand the job early and no need to say about my enthusiasm for the role.


Thota Varun Kumar

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong